Main apps

  • Grand Central Core

    4.1.0 Taormina

  • Getting started with Grand Central

    Start a new project from scratch

  • Documentation

    The documentation app takes care or reading your documented code the phpdoc format, and making it accessible straight inside the dev environment.

  • Content

    The content app holds most of your templates, models and views. It also handles the way master templates work.

  • Reader

    A power app to 'read' items in a section of your pages

  • API App

    Easy open services via the API app.

  • Forms

    The Form app simply builds forms for you.

  • Fields

    The Field app holds all of the available fields used by the Form app.

  • Media

    Catalog your documents, images, videos, audios files

  • Maintenance

    When you need to run maintenance scripts on you website, the content of the maintenance app will be displayed instead the content of your site.

Some life-saving functions

  • i

    i() is our Universal Selector and the most useful function around. It lets you fetch, handle and display one or many items from your database:

    // Fetch all socks
    $socks = i('sock', all);
    You can fetch an item by id, key or nickname
    // Fetch a sock by id
    $socks = i('sock', 123);
    // Fetch a sock by key
    $socks = i('sock', 'polkadot');
    // Fetch a sock by nickname
    $socks = i('sock_123');
    The Universal Selector takes all the parameters of bunches:
    // Fetch a set of socks
    $socks = i('sock', array(
    'title' => 'best-offer%',
    'size' => array('XL', 'L'),
    'codes' => array(2, 4),
    'tag' => 1,
    'order()' => 'color DESC, size ASC',
    'limit()' => 10,
    'instock' => true,
    You can also fetch the current page:
    // Fetch the current page
    $page = i('page', current);
    Or the current item in the script if you have a reader:
    // Fetch the current read item
    $page = i(item, current);

  • load

    load() lets you simply load apps into the system:

    // Load jQuery, Sir Trevor and Masonry
    load('jquery', 'sirtrevor', 'masonry');

  • media

    The group item of Grand Central

  • t

    Constant handling