Grand Central is a free, open source Clearly Magical Framework, craving to power your websites, mobile apps, and transform the way you think of the digital conversation.

Why play with Grand Central?

  • Free & open

    Grand Central is free and publicly distributed. The more eye-balls on the code, the faster we solve problems.

  • Robust & scalable

    Perfect for small action teams and large corporations alike, Grand Central fits projects of all sizes.

  • Object Oriented

    Less bugs, more meaning: devs and marketing share the same culture of the project.

  • Easy & fancy

    A clean, organic UI and a unique syntax for devs. Grand Central is a work of designers, made to be used.

Watch it dance


  • API-Centered

    The services you develop are already at your client's service. Say hello to your beautiful new REST API engine.

  • Apps

    Everything in Grand Central is an app, even Grand Central’s core. Deploy, enhance, reuse and distribute your code for faster, more portable development.

  • Atomicity

    Content on one side, models on another, code here, views there... Everything is well isolated for fewer-to-no regressions.

Photograph ©Franck Bohbot

Théâtre du Châtelet

Grand Central sets to music the digital conversation of the theatre and its 300 000 spectators per season.

One selector to rule them all.

Fetch, handle, save, print all your data with i(), the universal selector.

// Fetch all socks
$socks = i('socks', all);

// Fetch 10 XL and L socks in stock
$socks = i('socks', array(
	'size' => array('XL', 'L'),
	'instock' => true,
	'limit()' => 10

// Fetch a sock, change the color attribute
// save and display in json
$sock = i('socks', 123);
$sock['color'] = 'blue';
echo $sock->json();

Data is your treasure. We protect it.

  • SQL Injections

    All of our queries are prepared (using PDO). We protect you against nasty attempts to tamper with them.

  • Brute force + Dictionary attacks

    The algorithm protecting the log in process is fast enough for users, but slow enough that it defeats the purpose of long attacks.

  • Password encryption

    We use Blowfish to encrypt your passwords. Even if the database is stolen, they are impossible to decipher.

  • OWASP 10

    We stick by the 10 most common security flaws monitored by the Open Web Application Security Project.

Things of beauty built with Grand Central